FAQ – Wix application

How does Flix Universe app work?

Flix Universe acquires license to thousands of videos for online streaming and develops the technology in order to stream and publish content online.

Flix Universe have developed a WIX application in order to enable WIX clients to add a VOD feature to their site, allowing to stream videos and gain revenue share for each rental of video or subscription.

In order to do so, you can add Flix Universe application from within the WIX application market.

Later the user will need to fill in basic details including:

-Full Name
-Paypal email address
-Film Categories
-Color scheme

By providing these basic details, user will gain maximum customization of design and content and will allow Flix Universe to share revenues using paypal.

How do I receive my revenue share?

Users are eligable to withdraw their revenue share when gaining  a balance of 100$ or more.

A request for withdraw, including the user’s PayPal Email address (supplied in the application settings), should be sent to support@flixuniverse.com 

Revenue share would be sent from Flix Universe to the client via PayPal services.

PayPal allows to withdraw funds easily into your bank account or credit card balance. Click here for more information.


Is PayPal the only way to receive revenue share?


PayPal allows customers from all around the world to create an account and receive funds. In the future we might consider more options.

Can I choose which videos to show?

Flix Universe allows users to decide which video categories to present within the app settings.

Can I customize the design of the application?

The user can customize parameters such as height, width and color scheme.

The color scheme can be selected within the application settings. The height and width of the application can be set within the Wix editor.

We do recommend to perform tests using the Wix Editor preview mode in order to acheive maximum user experience.

I have a problem with the application. What should I do?

Feel free to contact support through support@flixuniverse.com. We will try to assist in any way we can.